Customized Tips for your office

Do you know that the Tips dialog in TAD can be populated by your very own tips? Read the instructions here on how you can do that.

This customization can be useful when there are multiple installations of TAD in an office; and the office wants to distribute common tips to everyone from one central server

Go to and get yourself a free account. Then create one note; where every line in that note is a different tip that you want to distribute to your office. Yes, that is right: One line = one tip. If you want vertical blank space in your tip, make sure you type ā€œ\nā€ Once you are done, get the link from for the raw text version of that note.

The main tips of TAD is actually also in the pastebin server. See You can use that as a reference to make your tips pastebin note.

Now in all installation of TAD, in the bin folder of the installation, there is a file called helpurl.txt This file has to be edited carefully. Go to the 5th line in that file, and change the URL line from the earlier pastebin link to the link to the raw text that you got above. It is important that you DO NOT MAKE ANY OTHER CHANGES to that file; else TAD will not work

Save the file.

Distribute the file to everyone in your office; and ask them to replace their version of helpurl.txt with the one you saved. The file always has to have the same file-name.

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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