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This page has links to various videos and podcasts; and blog articles of Sabu Francis

Some videos are made using a system called “Loom” Those loom links here will directly take you to In their player, you can take the mouse to the bottom right corner and increase the speed of the video; if you think it is going too slow

  • Here is a keynote speech that was delivered by Sabu Francis at a conference. It is about an hour long; but it would give a nice intro on the why of TAD . Even the what is also explained – as also the social context of architectural practice (especially in developing countries)
  • When you start using TAD; it will check your authentication once every 30 days or so. Here is short video that explains how to authenticate your copy of TAD (Earlier, this check was done even during the first time; but now we have re-coded the installer and so the first authentication happens during the installation itself)
  • Version 6.8.9 onward; TAD has a neat TAD Workbook system where you can use a spreadsheet to collect values from various TAD models that are open in that session. You can save the Workbook as Excel files too; to be reused again in TAD or further worked inside Excel or other such programs. This a very powerful feature explained in this Youtube:
  • If you want to quickly get going with TAD; here is a very simple, easy to understand First steps with TAD That explains how to quickly flesh out some 2D shapes and use them as the basis for a rough design. To get accuracy, you can take a look at this video: That explains how to be precise inside TAD. Then use this video to see how easy it is to edit shapes in TAD:
  • Version 6.8 onward of TAD now has an excellent Export to code feature. Here is a video that introduces that feature. Now it is possible to export your entire TAD model in various computer languages. So now, you need not be restricted only to using ARDELA scripting to enhanc TAD. See Read more here
  • A video on how to use the online simple sketching facility for inserting a set of shapes eye-balled in the sketcher

Blog articles written by Sabu Francis

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