An Appeal

(Note: If you came here from the installer, don't worry. The installation is proceeding in the background)

This is a personal appeal from me (Sabu Francis), the main developer of TAD (The Architect's Desktop).

TAD arose from a small office (Sabu Francis & Associates) in a small town (Navi Mumbai) at India long time back. Since 1989. A lot of energy, personal efforts and lots of money were spent to keep this project alive.

The fact, unfortunately, remains: This idealism needs some money to sustain

I welcome any donation for this project using this paypal link:
Indians can also pay using this link: You can pay via bank transfer, etc there.

Thank you in advance.

At the very least, you can give more than a shout to fellow architects regarding this project?

More details...

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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