Issue Tracker

TAD allows direct interaction with a special issue-tracker; that can be used to store issues pertaining to your project directly from within TAD itself. For this to work; you would need to setup some special Project Properties inside TAD. You would need to give the following field-values in the project properties pane inside your TAD project:


Note that the above 3 fields have to be set if you want TAD to allow people to upload issues/bugs/etc from within TAD itself.

You would also need to set the ISSUETRACKER property in order to just visit the issue tracker and read the issues there.

We can supply you an issue tracker that you can use; or you can setup your own issue tracker.

For more details, see

If you have your own issuetracker website, then ONLY set the ISSUETRACKER property to the url of that website. In such a case, TAD will NOT be able to post from inside TAD itself; but you can always visit that site from within TAD

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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