Locking a class sub-tree for editing

When you lock the current class; you will now be able to edit/create ONLY within this sub-tree. If you try to edit or create objects in other classes that do not belong to this sub-tree, then you will just hear a beep. You can unlock and get back to the regular way of working when you invoke the same menu-item once again

Why would you want to lock a sub-tree?

This is to help several people in an office to work on the same file. Say you have a project which has 3 types of buildings – and you have 3 different experts for each building type. In such a TAD file; you will create 3 classes immediately below the “Project” Now each expert will lock that class which he/she is an expert of – just to ensure that the person does not edit (even accidentally!) other parts of the project; where the person is not supposed to work on!

This feature is important for remote collaboration

See also, how to remove the lock

Locking or unlocking of a branch is now restricted – It is available ONLY if you have set the COLLABFOLDER field in the Project Properties of that project. That means TAD must be convinced that indeed this project is being used for collaboration.

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