Office Colors

Do you know that you can set your own default colors for the objects that are commonly used in the TAD models of your own office? It is super easy. Follow the instructions given here.

A busy office that handles similar kinds of projects may use object names that are standardized in the office. You can then use this neat capability; to tell TAD to color those objects with standard names as per the office convention. That way; at one glance people looking at the screen would know what it is!

First this website open: in your browser. You will select some suitable color you like from that, as one of the steps given below.

There is a file called colorconfig.dat in the bin folder of the TAD Designer Lite installations. Load that into any text editor If you read that file you will understand that all objects which has the letters chajja will have a color of 0x1043EB That can be understood from the command color(“chajja”,0x1043EB) in that file.

Similarly, if you want other objects to be named similarly; you can give the same command but with the color of your choice. The aforementioned website ( has a neat color picker from where you can select the color you want. The colors there are given in the format #1043EB Ensure that you change the # to 0x and it should work.

There should not be any blank lines in the file. Also the word color in that file should start from the 1st position in that line. Only one color definition can be given per line. Remember to save the file. TAD will use those color definitions only the next time, it is started.

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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