Display Object Names

TAD is not a drafting software. It is a minmalist, fast and lean-mean of a design machine. You can handle thousands of different logical objects found in a design.

Usually, people are comfortable with the names of the objects being listed in a list-box next to the class tree (Usually, this is placed in the top-left corner of the screen, below the menus) However, some people want to see the name of the current object right there up on the screen.

To switch this on, there is a checkbox in the program settings. Once switched on; the name of the current object would be displayed next to the first helper – and it would religiously follow the first helper where ever it goes.

There is one feature for the future called Corner indices that this action would also reveal. The index number of the corner in question would be displayed next to the object name. Read more about Corner indices here

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Last modified: le 2023/04/22 20:59