On the the site there are three persons who are simulated inside TAD. One is the architect but let us talk about he other two. They are the helpers,

One is shown as a red square dot and the other is a blue circle Think of these simulated persons as the first helper (red dot) and the second helper (psst… we had an older page about the helpers. You can read that too)

Those who are familiar with the concept of grips in TAD – this is very roughly something like that. But in case of CAD grips, you need to deliberately select a graphical entity – and you do not get just two – often you would get four or even eight gripping points

If you click and drag the first helper you can drag the current object (or the current selected set of objects).

If you click and drag the second helper you can rotate the current object (or the current selected set of objects) The centre of the rotation would be the architect. If the command-line is open with a numeric value inside it; then the rotation would be upto that value in degrees (Positive value = counterclockwise)

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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