At any given point in time, you get to see only part of an infinite site If you want to shift the view to another part without changing the scale, you need to pan

Switch the mouse to the Pan mode (third button from top of the right side vertical toolbar) Now the mouse cursor will show a pointing finger. Now click anywhere and that pointed location will become the next center of the screen.

NOTE: You can do a pan even when the mouse cursor is not specifically set for PAN. Press CTtrl+Shift key as you mark a rectangle and it will pan to the centre of that rectangle.

Watch out!!
If for some reason you pan to a location where the architect may get potentially hidden, then you will find that magically the architect is lifted out from its previous location and brought to the center of the new view

This means, if you had located the architect carefully with reference to other objects, then the values to those references (distances, mainly) would get disrupted!

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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