The Architect

The architect is represented by small square, with a transparent blue arrow pointing to its top-left corner. The size of the square is based on the current stepsize

We had an older page about the architect and you an read that too.

The architect is always found on the site no matter where you pan or zoom into

Changing the size of the architect
You can simply make a rectangle with the mouse on empty part of the screen; and TAD would use that rectangle to resize the architect. A more accurate way to resize the architect is to use the Headsup Command Line. Refer that topic on how to do that

Implication of the step-size of the architect
The size of the architect determines the length which TAD would move the architect when you click on the arrrow keys.

Moving the architect accurately
Just dragging the architect by mouse would result in only an approximately correct solution. If you want the architect to be located more precisely; you would need to use the headsup command line – Press F10 for that. Read the help on how to use that command line here

If the stepsize is too small and/or the zoom setting is too small, then you may think the architect is invisible or gone away from whichever portion of the site you are looking at. Don't worry! There is NO WAY the architect can be made invisible or disappear. Just increasing the step-size and/or increasing the zoom would make this architect appear again

If you use the Rightclick on the architect will undo the location of the architect to its earlier location. However, if there are some other activities that are performed on the architect (such as snapping, etc) this undo buffer gets cleared

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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