Aerial Navigator

The aerial navigator allows you to quickly zoom into various parts of the model – Just mark out a rectangle at various parts of the aerial view and the site will magically zoom to approximately that part of the entire model. The actual zoomed area may vary slightly in some situations.

You can also click inside the Aerial Navigator and it will pan to that part of the screen; just like the regular pan command; while maintaining the same zoom settings as before.

When you invoke the aerial navigator the very first time, it would set the model to the entire 'zoom extents' of the model i.e. it behaves like the Zoom All command.

The proportion of the Aerial Navigator, just when you invoke it, would be the same proportion of the area shown on the site. You can close the aerial navigator whenever you want.

Note that the aerial navigator displays the image of your model only at that time when it was invoked. Any further changes you make in the model are not reflected in the Aerial Navigator. You would need to close it and start again to sync the image in the Aerial Navigator back to the current state of the model.

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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