The Site

The Site refers to the main space on the TAD interface where you develop your TAD model. Also, the site symbolizes the actual construction site of your project. The activities that you carry out on TAD are related to the actual on-site activities. On the TAD interface there are no extents to the site. Therefore, TAD site has infinite space for your designs.

The activities that you carry out on TAD are not related to activities that are carried out on a drawing board or a drafting board. Using TAD, you actually create 3D models as opposed to the design drawings. Drafting board activities are carried out on CAD (Computer-aided Design) software.

site.jpg Fig. The “site” context on a TAD interface.

Do NOT think of the site as a drawing page. Think of it is that part of the world where your project is being modeled. Visualize yourself – that you actually went to your actual construction site.

There are no boundaries to this metaphorical site – it is endless. You can pan/zoom up and down without limits. At any point in time only a part of this world will be visible to you. It depends on the current zoom level you reached

In this site, the three persons that TAD simulates; the architect and the two helpers would be found. The architect is represented by a special shape and that person is ALWAYS visible on the site; irrespective of where you zoom or pan to. The architect can never be away from the view.

But the helpers are found sitting on adjacent corners of an object. These simulated persons can be hidden if you zoom into an area of the sitewhich does not contain

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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