The Helpers

The Helpers help the architect execute actions on the site. With helpers, you can quickly select the part of your design that you want to work upon. There are two helpers:

  • The First Helper
  • The Second Helper

The first helper is indicated by a red square. The second helper is indicated by blue circle. The first helper helps you move the object and the second helper helps you rotate the object. The roles of the two helpers cannot be interchanged.

Fig. The cursors related to an object

The helpers are located on the vertices of an object. The object where the helper is located is called the current object. The helpers are always present on the site. At any given time, the two helpers cannot be at the same point on the screen. The helpers can be outside the view of the screen if the current object is outside the view of the screen. You cannot delete the current object.

Here is some more info on helpers

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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