A taxonomy of architecture

In TAD we believe there are some fundamental alphabets inside any architecture – Just the way we have 'a','b','c' etc as English alphabets; or we have symbols such as + , -, / etc in mathematics; we believe that if a design is expressed using as set of fundamental alphabets then it is possible for a computer or any other dispassionate entity to examine elements of the model and objectively determine various useful information

Today; in a CAD program, an architect has to sit in front of that screen and point out what is the logic of various shapes there. The drafting software only knows about the geometrical shapes; but not what it means This means when we make a drawing either on paper or on any CAD; someone needs to be there to fully explain – or, alternatively, we need to ensure that whoever who saw those drawings and interpreted them have exactly the same interpretation capabilities as ourselves.

The following table describes the various object types and their examples for these alphabets that you can use in TAD. The idea of a design eventually becomes placing into TAD that set of objects which are classified to represent these alphabets


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