Become a registered TAD user

It's free!

To use TAD, it is mandatory that you obtain a membership in our teamTAD community system. This is now being managed by the world famous powerful Discord system.

Using a non-Windows machine?
No worries! TAD Designer Lite has very low system requirements. It can work on many Operating systems that have the WINE sub-system in it. Read more here!

To become a registered user of TAD, do this:

Just 2 steps to get started
The 2 steps are quite simple: You need to enroll into the Discord based teamTAD Community. Then you need to download the installer from here

When installing, it will NOT check if you have a membership at our TAD Community. But when you run TAD, it will authenticate you. Read about how this authentication is done. If you do not join our community, you can run TAD in demo mode, using a valid email address.

The authentication may seem clumsy at first; but it is important for you. Each TAD file you create has a stamp of the registered user. It protects your data. In case your data goes to another office, they cannot open it without your permission. Hence it is critical that your username is registered. Another important reason is because we want to get a high-qualify focused audience. TAD is anyway NOT a general purpose software.

After you complete the installation, you can start using TAD straightaway.

Old registration information is available here

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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