Deprecation notice
The following material is Deprecated It is only kept here for historical reasons. After July 26, 2020; they are not relevant. Our teamTAD communit is now at Discord. Please use this invitation link

You need to get an account at our chat system . A confirmation email would be sent to your email address when you setup the chat account You will need to confirm your registration at our Mattermost hosted TAD Community chat. If you had already registered and forgot the password here is the info on how to recover it

The second step is to download the installer. Our email will give you an install code. That code will be used by the installer during the installation. This is to be used ONLY with the installer and it will work ONLY with your email address you had used when you filled our form. Note: This is also deprecated from Version onward. No more install code!

Once you have registered at the chat system, you need to use the the login credentials of the chat system in order to use TAD. The first time TAD starts it will ask you to provide the credentials. Give the email address and the password you had confirmed at the TAD chat system.

Note: No more authentication during the first run of the software, from version onward. Now, the installer will install TAD Designer Lite in such a way that you get to use it straight away for next 30 days. Thereafter an authentication check when you run TAD. This check is repeatedly done once in 30 days. This is only to get our statistics correct. Earlier we were getting a lot of robotic downloads and false usage stats.

This page on authentication explains more on what you need to do if you get confused

Note: The TAD chat system uses the open-source MATTERMOST chat system. So on the first page of TAD chat, you would see their message. We may implement other ways to register and may phase out the MATTERMOST system. Currently, the main one is using the Mattermost system.

Read how to use the chat system here
Read why a signup is mandatory

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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