Current Object

The current object is that object where the helpers are located. This is the object where all the action would be directed to, in case you do not have a selection set. If you do have a selection set; for some commands, this object would still be the reference object on which TAD would do the internal calculations (such as shifting a set of objects)

Sometimes it is important to know that there are no objects that are selected; and you want actions to go ONLY on this current object. If that is what you want to do; take a glance at the selection count that is noted in a small box below the information tab (That is usually seen on the left side of the screen) There, the selection should be ZERO – then you are sure that nowhere else were there any selections

Clever Hint
If you have a selection set in place; and yet you want TAD to focus on the current object itself (temporarily ignoring the set), then you should click on the checkbox tucked in the selection toolbar – if ticked, TAD will temporarily forget that there was a selection set and all edit action will be directed to the current object only

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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