Working with Connectors

In TAD, a connector is a spatial element that connects other spatial elements together. For example; a doorway opening or a window opening.

In a regular building, there would be at least one connector from the external envelope to at least one of the atoms (i.e. rooms) inside the building; else how will people get in?

Unlike other BIM software; TAD does NOT restrict when connectors need to be placed. In many other software; they insist that first one should have a wall in place and only then can you create an opening. There is no such restriction in TAD. After all, an architect when he/she is designing may choose to first locate the positions of openings and then later on decide what kind of walls go around the openings.

Note that the category of connectors would be applicable at any scale. In the aforesaid explanation, we assumed that the scale of the design is at the level of the building. But if you go to another scale; such as that of a table (as an example), there could be a connector placed between the internal atom of the side-cupboard space and the external envelope of that table.

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