How to use this help

This context sensitive help displayed within the application is quite unique: It displays help directly from the official wiki at in a special help window inside TAD*

What else?
You can also participate in the public chat of TAD from every page of the documentation. Simply click on the Open Chat button you see at the bottom right corner of every help page.

This public chat is different from the community TAD Chat which is for registered users only.

Note: To add to the public chat, you would need to login there using your Github or Twitter account. But you can read public chats without login

One more feature:

If you select some text in this help, you can tweet it across the world.

As you keep using TAD; you can press F1 and the appropriate context-sensitive help would get displayed here. This will be as per the last action you carried out with the mouse.

Links within this help would open here itself; or in your regular browser window/new tab.

How does this help?
You can easily learn TAD by generally clicking somewhere or the other inside TAD and then press F1 immediately.

It can be a good way to learn TAD

Watch out!
When you install TAD on Linux or Macs using the WINE sub-system, then there is a chance that this internal display of help within TAD itself may not work properly.

For such situations, invoke the settings dialog of TAD. (Click on the File menu, and you will see the Settings option. Or you can click on the 4th button on the toolbar) Inside the Settings dialog, click on the checkbox to use help only from an external browser.

How to contribute?
This documentation wiki is available for editing by select users – They have been given permission to collaboratively edit the documentation along with us.

Feel free to contact us ( )if you think you can contribute to the help documentation. As it is a Wiki, it is easy for any number of people to edit/write the documentation

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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