The Site Info Pane

The Site Info Pane displays all the object-related information in the left navigation pane. You can view object properties, class properties, and project file details. The Site Info pane displays object properties in the following tabs:

  • Info - Measurement-related information for querying
  • Object - Objects-based properties like height, level, and isKindOf
  • Class - Class-based properties like height, level, and isKindOf
  • Project - Project properties, containing many fields. Each field is given as name-value pairs

* - For more information, see SFA Taxonomy.

The Info Tab.

The info tab in the site info pane displays data like:

  1. Class (class of the current object)
  2. Currlen (distance between the two helpers)
  3. Angle (angle in which helpers are oriented)
  4. Area (area of object)
  5. Perimeter ratio
  6. Perp (perpendicular distance between the architect and the first helper)
  7. ArchDist (distance between the architect and the first helper)
  8. ArchPosition (position of the architect on the TAD site)
  9. Volume (Volume of current object)

The above list is actually calculated dynamically via an ARDELA module that gets loaded at startup. That module is called TAD.EXA and it is placed in the same folder where the executable of TAD Designer Lite was found.

Note: The Site Info pane can be moved around anywhere on the screen. In this documentation, it is assumed that it is placed at the bottom left side of the screen.

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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