The Class Pane

In TAD, the objects are grouped into classes according to their characteristics. The objects and their classes are displayed in the Class Pane. You can see the class pane in the left pane of the screen. The Project is the main class and you cannot rename it. You can add multiple classes to the Project class and rename them by clicking twice on the class names.

You can create more classes and objects within the existing classes. Every object must have a unique name within a class. It is recommended that objects have unique names even if they are in different classes. You can drag objects from one class and drop them to another class.

Fig. The Class Pane.

In a default TAD file, the Project class consists of the First Floor and the View classes.

The first floor class contains the following objects:

  • DoorWay (Connector*)
  • A Simple Room (Atom*)
  • BuildingEnvelope (Envelope*)
  • chajja (Artefact*)

Note: For more information on objects, see SFA Taxonomy.

The View class contains Pseudo objects:

  • location
  • lookat
  • light
  • light#2

You can:

  • Click an object in the Class Pane and make it the current object.
  • Right click to add, delete, select and/or view a class (or classes).

Note: The Class Pane is mobile. You can drag and place it anywhere on the screen.

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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