TAD Shapes

We have given a nifty feature from TAD version onwards, where one can easily pick up shapes from quite a lot of websites and applications..

The shapes can be defined pithily using a very simple syntax that can even be typed in text editors (if you want) One shape per line. Each line has to start with the equals-to sign ( = ) and followed by the name of the shape, and then a list of comma separated numbers within square brackets. These lines need to be copied to the system clipboard of your computer and then invoked from within TAD .

Thus producing such shapes via websites and applications is quite easy. We have one default simple TAD Shape creator to begin with … soon more will be seen everywhere . Not just websites; such a feature can also be coded by software developers into their applications.

See a video on Youtube on this https://youtu.be/HLWae3rjwmY

For details see here

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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