F10 - Show command line

F6 – Add a corner [Add a corner between first and second helper]

F5 – Shift corner to architect [Shift corner of first helper to position of architect]

Ctrl+Bksp – Delete corner [Delete corner indicated by first helper]

Shift+F5 – Stretch current side(s) [Stretch curr side of selected obj(s) to that of arch (Won’t work for collinear sides)]

Shift+F6 – Extrude current side(s) [Extrude side of curr obj(s), creating two more edges orthogonally at each corner]

F8 – Move object(s) [Move selected object(s) to the location of architect]

F7 – Rotate object(s) [Rotate current object(s)]

Del – Delete selected objects [Current object won’t be deleted]

Ctrl+Alt+Q - Change/assign parametrics

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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