Bugs and Suggestions

You can submit bugs, issues and suggestions from directly within TAD Designer Lite itself. Look under the Help menu.

What are bugs, issues and suggestions?

  • Bugs: These are problems with the existing functionalities of TAD Designer Lite
  • Issues: These are problems that a user perceives which are not yet handled in TAD Designer Lite at all, and need to be incorporated
  • Suggestions: These are enhancements into TAD. These suggestions could be in the software or they could be in the websites, or they could be in the way TAD needs to be publicized.

All these will be seen at the TAD Dashboard

You would also see the Kanban tracks for the bugs, issues and suggestions. As and when the cards from the backlogs are picked up; they would be placed into the right location on the tracks. So you can actually monitor the progress of the points that were raised.

The TAD Dashboard can be seen by the public at large. Even those who are not registered into TAD.

The same dialog that you use to submit bugs, etc. can also be used to put up requests for helping the architect using TAD Designer Lite in any project he/she may be involved with. One can even put up Job opportunities in the architect's office.

Please note: The current username recognized by the computer from which the post was made would be posted along with what you type in the dialog box. Nothing else is picked up from your computer.

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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