Search for a class

If you start a command on the command-line (yellow text box) with the backslash, then TAD assumes you are searching for a class or an object.

If the second character of the search is ALSO a backslash, then TAD assumes that you are searching for an object. That search is described here… else it assumes you are searching for a class.

In that case, whatever you type after the backslash is considered to be the name of the class you are searching for

TAD intelligently goes through all the classes and tries its level best to locate an exact match. If that is not found, it will go for the first partial match. Once that is found, and the next time if you give only the backslash (with nothing typed after that) then it will search the same pattern again; for the next possible match

Search is case-insensitive.

See also: Search for objects

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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