Search for Object by name

If you give a double-backslash in the command line, and specify a word after that; TAD will try to locate an object whose name starts with the word you gave it to search. That means you don't have to specify the entire nameā€¦ just first few letters of the object name is good enough. The search is case insensitive.

TAD will reach the first class that meets the criteria.

Note that if you give a partial search (i.e. not entire name) it will NOT make the searched object the current object. It is assumed that you would be able to search within that class manually to locate the object of interest. But if you gave the entire name, it will make that the current object

If you just gave a double-slash on the command line without any additional word then it assumes that you want to search for the object with the same criteria you had given earlier (i.e. it is continues the search you had invoked last)

A similar search facility is available for classes too. But just use a single backslash followed by classname.

Search is ONLY performed for currently visible objects

See also Search for class

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