Why do we insist on a membership at our community?

Two major reasons

  1. One major reason is that all TAD files you make would be stamped with an encrypted version of this username. It protects the TAD files you create; so that nobody can use your data without your permission.
  2. Another major reason is that we simply do not have access to anyone's password.

(As you may have guessed, it is IMPORTANT that you should NEVER change your username you had set at the community. The DRM will protect your files; and you may find that you would not be able open a file that was protected by the previous username!)

Other Reasons
There are other interesting reasons also (especially why we chose Discord community) :

  • Everyone in the community can help each other
  • Architects can get new jobs thru the community. Non-architects can get assistance from architects
  • TAD users can post their employment needs and get employed too
  • This is also in preparation of going open-source (From version 7.0; TAD would be made open source)
  • TAD is now being looked upon by game developers too. They are all there at Discord
  • Discord even has audio and video too.
  • Discord does not have search limits
  • Discord allows you to join any of its “server” (workspaces or communities) using the same login. It is possible that many of the users are already on Discord. So you can be a member of other communities without making one more login
  • Discord allows screenshare too – so now, we can offer true hand-holding guidance to people

Is the earlier TAD Community chat available?
Yes, for those who had registered there, the older Mattermost based chat system would be kept on till October 31, 2020. By that time, we will switch off that server and we hope that everyone would come over to this Discord server. IMPORTANT: Please read this migration note, if you had registered at Mattermost earlier

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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