3D Draft View

The draft viewer is monochromatic (mostly) It quickly renders the current model into 3D

However, for 3D view to work; you need a special class called “View” and in that class, you need to create at least two pseudo objects – one called “Location” and the other “Lookat”

The height and level of these two objects would determine the initial camera location.

Tell you what? The default TAD model already has this class. Copy that class and the objects therein to your own project; and you should have the basic view setting required by the 3D modeler done.

Of course you need to ensure that the Location and Lookat are located correctly (i.e. they are indeed viewing something or the other)

Use the scrollbars in the 3D Preview window to spin around and zoom into.

At the bottom right hand corner of the 3D Preview; you can access the 3D Options. In very large projects (i.e. with large extents, not necssarily the number of objects in the project); you may see nothing because the “Yon” plane setting is set low. Change that to 1000 and you should get the view


Details of what TAD does internally
When a 3D view is invoked, TAD quickly runs all the internal ARDELA scripts that may change the geometry of the objects. Then it will do all the pinning; and finally it gives it to the 3D viewer pipeline. That is why in complex projects; it may take a few microseconds more than in simpler projects

See the actions to be carried out for 3D

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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