Authentication via Discord TeamTAD Server

Installing TAD is now very easy. We have simplified the installation and authentication procedure. Download the zip file containing the installer from here: Extract the contents of the zip file into a new folder on a Windows machine and you will get the installer. It is called tadsetup.exe

The installer directly installs the software quite smoothly.

When TAD is run for the first time, it will authenticate you. If you do not have a membership at our TeamTAD community on Discord, you will not be able to get in. However, if you want to run TAD in demo mode; simply give a valid email address.

Once you supply your Discord username, our bot there called “tadmainbot” will send you e-code as a private message.

You would have to copy that e-code sent as a private message by tadmainbot, and paste it into the waiting dialog inside TAD. You can use either version of your Discord username. For example; the username could be specified as e.young or e.young#4786 Of course you would have to give your own Discord username, as the e-code would be sent to that Discord username only, as a private message. TAD would be waiting for you to return with that e-code.

Here is the link to your private messages. You should see the user: tadmainbot right at the top on the list of names on the left side of the screen. (Will work ONLY when you have logged into Discord)

Important: An e-code can be used only for one authentication. You cannot re-use an earlier e-code.

Note that once you start using a username inside TAD, the next time you are asked for authentication make sure you use the same version as before Here is an example: If a user had given e.young#4786 once to authenticate, next time also the user would have to use the same name i.e. e.young#4786 If the user uses the shorter username e.young then files created earlier with the earlier authentication may not open!

The reason is that TAD “stamps” an encrypted version of your username into the files you create. So use this invitation to join our teamTAD community on Discord:

One Tip: If you right click on the username inside TAD (top toolbar) you can change your credentials. The same dialog that was used initially to authenticate you would be presented. So, if you had earlier run TAD as a demo, you can now change it to full working version with your Discord username

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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