Welcome to the Documentation of TAD®

TAD stands for “The Architect's Desktop”

The key component inside TAD is the software for designing, a unique space based BIM (Building Information Modeler) named TAD Designer Lite.

Note: Often the term TAD and TAD Designer and TAD Designer Lite are used interchangeably. Read the FAQ on such terminologies


Architects need to have a system to flesh out a design iteratively, explore alternatives, capture and communicate intentions clearly, be ready to handle any just-in-time situation during design, construction and usage, and in the end leave behind one central holistic model that captures all the knowledge of the project

Our mission is to provide the aforementioned context for architectural design, construction and usage


The highest ideal that TAD could achieve is this:

Architectural knowledge should no longer remain in silos. The knowledge that we produce MUST be left behind for objective analysis and understanding by anyone concerned or affected. This can be only done if we express our work in an objectively understandable form – with least controversy of interpretations

Architects should not leave behind just the what that was designed but also the why for future generations. That is the only way knowledge can break out of silos

Road map

We are only a tad away from that ideal. We will be achieving that ideal soon enough. We need you to use our system actively, and provide us constructive feedback. Then all this will happen quite fast.

What is inside these pages?

This is the documentation for TAD. Currently, the main component – TAD Designer/Lite is well documented. Documentation of other components of TAD will also be made available here.

Let us make this all real and beautiful.

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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