Why is a signup required?

In order to use TAD Designer/Lite, it is mandatory to fill the form at teamTAD

Registration is free. We plan to keep it that way

This article explains why this is needed both for you as well as for us.

TAD Designer Lite and future versions such as the fully loaded TAD Designer, are and will remain free of charge for you to use. We are committed to creating an alternative to current BIM software. We believe our software is the only one to emerge out of architectural research. This is not an extension of mechanical engineering software hurriedly dovetailed for architecture.

We want to support TAD users as quickly as possible. We also want only serious users who have some inclination to use this software to be downloading and using it. We are then sure the entire community would make this commercially viable too.

There are many free software which gets downloaded but never really gets used at all. It gives a wrong feedback to the developers when all the developer has is the statistics of the downloads.

This kind commitment drags on our purse. We have to make this commercially viable. At the same time, we don't want to tax our users. So we thought that it is best that we all chat together, and hopefully we'll discover a way to finance this.

The main reason is of course; to become a rock solid team together By putting all of us together into a chat system, every TAD user immediately gets connected to every other TAD users


  • You need ONLY one registration to use TAD.
  • You are really very close to the main developer (Sabu Francis) as well as others involved in TAD – therefore support is literally a few keystrokes away.
  • Instead of having a conventional help desk, we decided to go for a community chat so that everyone helps each other. In conventional help systems, individuals are catered to privately. The entire community cannot benefit from such private discussions.
  • The chat system used to work on the excellent open source Mattermost software – It works even as a discussion board. So all users will be able to read all the messages there. Including those that were posted before a person joined. But sadly, the community got quite large and our server was unable to handle the load. So we have now moved over to the free Discord system. We have the teamTAD community there now
  • The dependence on emails become very low. You won't get spammed. We will only send an occasional newsletter via emails.
  • TAD also has separate dashboard for collecting issues, bugs, suggestions at http://tiny.cc/taddash You can even put up RFQ for your projects and even job listings at your office .

Thank you for your attention and support. Please also read this appeal

Sabu Francis and others involved in TAD

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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