Why is a signup required?

In order to use TAD Designer/Lite, it is mandatory to signup at our chat system here https://goo.gl/rRspC8

Registration is free. We plan to keep it that way

This article explains why this is needed both for you as well as for us.

TAD Designer Lite and future versions such as the fully loaded TAD Designer, are and will remain free of charge for you to use. We are committed to creating an alternative to current BIM software. We believe our software is the only one to emerge out of architectural research. This is not an extension of mechanical engineering software hurriedly dovetailed for architecture.

This commitment drags on our purse. We have to make this commercially viable. At the same time, we don't want to tax our users. We also want to support them as quickly as possible. We also want only serious users who have some inclination to use this software to be downloading and using it. We are then sure the entire community would make this commercially viable too.

There are many free software which gets downloaded but never really gets used at all. It gives a wrong feedback to the developers when all the developer has is the statistics of the downloads.

What is the best way to achieve all of above?

  • A free registration into our chat system or the TAD Dashboard is mandatory. That is the only registration you really need to use TAD. We made sure that the same credentials that you use in either of the two system is what is used to authenticate TAD Designer/Lite. So you don't have to remember many things.
  • You are really very close to the main developer (Sabu Francis) as well as others involved in TAD – therefore support is literally a few keystrokes away.
  • The chat system works on the excellent open source Mattermost software – It works even as a discussion board. So you will be able to read all the previous messages that were posted there
  • The chat system also has channels for other popular software. This will therefore be a central place for all architects to discuss all their tech stuff
  • The TAD Dashboard at http://tiny.cc/taddash
  • The dependence on emails become very low. You won't get spammed. We will only send an occasional newsletter via emails.

And here is the main reason: To become a rock solid team together

We are growing our teamTAD in this fashion. We all need to work together as a team, in order to uplift architecture using a more sane BIM (Building Information Modeller) that works from the spaces we architects designs – right from very early stages of designing. By putting all of us together into a chat system, you immediately get connected to other users of TAD

Thank you for your attention and support. Please also read this appeal

Note: The TAD Chat system may shut down new registration by July 2017 or so. This is to ensure that only the real early users are actually chatting in there. It would not be possible to chat with thousands of members together

Sabu Francis and others involved in TAD

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself