Install OR Update TAD Designer Lite

Use the instructions here to either install the latest version OR to update your existing copy

TAD Designer Lite is updated every once a while. When you start the programme, you can check the latest that is available on the Internet and compare it what you have on your computer.

If a difference between the version on your computer and the version on the Net is found, you would be automagically shown this page you are now reading here from the Internet.

This is what you can now do to get an update or a fresh installation.

Download this zip file

We take extreme precaution to ensure that the setup file is free from viruses, trojans, and malware. If your anti-virus is indicating that there is some problem with this file, then please write to us at We have found that whenever we got such reports; the warning had no basis. They were *false positives* and the warning from the anti-virus can be safely ignored.

Extract the contents to some temporary folder on your computer and then run the setup program inside it called tadsetup.exe It should install the programme like any other software.

NOTE: When you run the installer; it will ask for an install code. So make sure that have obtained a registration first The registration is free! Once you register, you will have to check your email and confirm your account. Filling the registration form also gives you the install code.

The software would ask for an authentication, which is explained here

Change History

Read how the features were implemented in the change history here for the version you downloaded


Now enjoy the new version! Once you run the software, Press F1 to get context sensitive help – which will bring you back to this website. So you would need the Internet to get help inside the software. The help is continuously being written and would get further refined by contributions from people like you and others

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Kindly go through our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy thoroughly before using TAD (The Architect's Desktop). When you register an account with us and/or download and use any component of TAD such as TAD Designer Lite component, it is assumed that you have agreed to those policies

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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