Download and install TAD Designer/Lite

TAD (The Architect's Desktop) has one main components: TAD Designer/Lite is the one that you download and use on your computer. It works only with a free registration at either our Chat system or in the TAD Community

In the 6.x versions, all work is saved on your own computer/own LAN. From 7.x all your work would be stored on private cloud servers, very securely. This documentation does not discuss the private cloud server

Psst… if you are confused about the terms TAD, TAD Designer Lite, and just TAD Designer, please read the FAQ


You just need a computer with Windows Vista or later versions. It has been tested till Windows 10 It does not consume much resources on your computer; so it should work even with a computer with 2G of RAM (Memory) Hard disk requirements are also quite low – in the order of around 20 Megabytes. It would work on Linux as well as Macintosh provided you install the WINE layer into those operating-system, and update the WINE layer for all the requirements of this software

Steps to install

This is explained in detail here


This is free, and explained here

Context Sensitive Help

Once you start using the software, press F1 to obtain context sensitive help. The help will bring you back to this website – Each working context would have its own help page here. But all of them are currently not written – it would get cooperatively fleshed out by users like you

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself