TAD is a powerful alternative to conventional BIM software. To start learning TAD, start here

How to use this help

The entire documentation as well as context-sensitive help is available in this Wiki.

If you go to you can read the entire documentation like a book. But if you press F1 when you are within TAD, a special window will be shown in the application itself with contents relevant to the last activity that was detected in the software*

If you click on the question mark on the title bar of the special help window inside TAD; you can read more on how this unique help system works

You can also participate in the public chat of TAD from every page of the documentation.

This is different from the community TAD Chat which is for registered users only

*You can also configure the settings in TAD to display even the context-sensitive help in your regular browser, instead of the special help window

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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