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-TAD Chat uses the elegant and powerful "MatterMost" chatting system. If you want to use TAD, you would need to get a membership at this chat system 
 +====Deprecation Notice====
 +//We now have our teamTAD community at Discord now . Use this invitation link to join that community:  https://discord.gg/KxuHQax //
 +//Earlier, we had a chat system runs off a dedicated server and it uses the powerful //Mattermost// chatting system. You can read [[tadchat|how to use chat here]] but now that our community has grown large; our server is unable to handle the load. Hence we will switch off that system by October 31,2020//
 +**Instructions on how to use the older Mattermost based Chat system**
 **How to use the TAD chat?** **How to use the TAD chat?**

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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