TAD Chat uses the elegant and powerful “MatterMost” chatting system. If you want to use TAD, you would need to get a membership at this chat system

How to use the TAD chat?

After you login into the chat system from any browser (Say Chrome), on the left of the chat system website, you will find a list of “Channels” (Architects may like to look at them as rooms). You can go inside each one and read whatever people left there. Also, you can also leave behind your writing for others to read. As it is dynamically updated, this would be like chatting – That means others in the same channel can see your posts dynamically. So can you

You would need to join the channel before you can use it.

IMPORTANT make sure that you join the TAD channel anyway. Because all the main discussions would happen there. This particular channel would also automagically get messages from various people TAD Designer – if they decide to post a bug/suggestion/issue/notice when working within TAD Designer. In fact, people can even post jobs and requests for helping out in their respective projects too

As mentioned earlier, you need to join the channel to chat there!

We would also be having some private channels. There will be one that would be used for some specialized discussions – such as TAD Developers. Those would be by invite only

Apart from all that, we would also form groups for a group of people to chat together. Moreover, each TAD user can chat with others privately

This website can be accessible from your browers in your phones too – It then acts quite a lot like a regular phone app – the UI is quite neat. In fact, you should bookmark this site on your phone, so that the bookmark appears on the main screen of your Android or iPhone. Read http://www.howtogeek.com/196087/how-to-add-websites-to-the-home-screen-on-any-smartphone-or-tablet/

Before I forget … there is a special Channel, called 'Town Square' which is a channel you get enrolled into anyway. That is the main place which serves as the entry point into the chatting

Please tell your friends to join TAD Chat at https://goo.gl/rRspC8 (This should also enroll the person directly into the TeamTAD team in that chat)

More details on how to use the Mattermost chat software that TAD Chat uses here https://about.mattermost.com/default-help/

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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