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-**To download and install ​TAD Designer**  +~~REDIRECT>​About ​TAD Designer~~
- +
-TAD Designer is not downloadable directly from our website. It is available to you after a one-step process. You will understand why so, shortly. +
- +
-Firstly, download small updater from here: http://​teamtad.com/​tadupdater/​ +
- +
-It is a very small download. Run that installer, and you will get the installer/​updater which will fetch the rest of the files for you from the Internet. That installer/​updater ensures that you get the very latest set of files for TAD Designer. +
- +
-Currently, TAD Designer is in //beta// so it is quite likely it would change every few days.  In order to ensure that you are always getting the fresh-est set of files; you would need to double click the "​update.bat"​ found in the same folder where you had installed the installer/​updater utility. +
- +
-As far as possible, this would not affect the data you may have produced but there would be additional features, benefits and user interface enhancements which will be continually improved over the next few weeks +
- +
-TAD itself is entirely free till December 31, 2015 //(subject to our Terms and Conditions)//​+

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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