SFA Taxonomy

Taxonomy means a classification system. SFA stands for Sabu Francis and Associates, the company that holds the copyrights of TAD.

The SFA Taxonomy is based on the fractal theories in geometry. According to the fractal theory, all the volumes in architecture designs can be represented by either solids or spaces.

In TAD, objects are classified in the following types:

  • Atom - It represents the space inside a room.
  • Envelope - It represents an enclosure wrapping an atom or a group of atoms.
  • Connector - It represents elements that connect atoms to envelopes. For example, Doors and windows.
  • Artefacts - It represents elements that cannot be further sub-divided at the current level of investigation. For example, canopies, interior furniture, and other similar objects.
  • Linked-nodes - It represents a set of artefacts that are linked to each other. For example, column-beam frame.
  • Pseudo objects - It represents the objects that are not actual built objects. For example, referential objects like lights, location, and look at.

Note: In TAD, objects are assigned their properties via isKindOf option in the Site Info Pane.

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