Notes for the project

This is just a sample page to explain the potential of this feature. See the notes below

You can create a sample page such as this one on your own server; and set a Project property called “NOTES” (it should be in capitals) in the Project information page.

The value of that property called “NOTES” should be the URL of the server which has the notes.

Once the NOTES property is set for the entire project; then invoking the Object Notes feature would open the browser to the URL specified there. Write all your design advice as per your satisfaction on the website with that URL.

This can ensure uniformity of design instructions for all those collaborating with you on the design.

Nuanced notes also possible
You can be more specific too and have much more naunces: If you want each object to go to a different page; then you can set the object property called notes specifically to just that page. Similarly, if you want all objects of a particular class to go to a specific page; then set the class property called notes to the url of that page.

However in this version, you also have to ensure that such a class property inheritance status should be set to “Y”. In this version, the note class property only affects its own children and not its descendants. We may change this particular requirement in future.

By default, it will attach this parameters ?action=search&q=“OBJNAME”+“CLASSNAME” to the url (Which is the way you perform a google search) So if your website also does such a search, then the browser will intelligently go to that specific location regarding OBJNAME within CLASSNAME.

If you want to change the additional parameters added to the URL, you should edit the 24th and 25th line of file helpurl.txt (that file is in the bin folder of the TAD installation); the 24th being for the object name and the 25th for the classname.

Note that editing the helpurl.txt file carelessly can break the system. Be very careful and edit ONLY the line numbers that are indicated here. So edit helpurl.txt file ONLY in text editors that shows the line number of the file. Do NOT edit that file in a wordprocessor. TAD can misbehave badly if this particular file (helpurl.txt) is corrupted.

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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