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 +===Offset beak alignment==
 +This is similar to [[beakalign|beak alignment]], so kindly read that first and come back here
 +Additionally, this functionality comes up when you have the yellow command line available on the screen with a numeric value (either direct or calculated) inside the command line. If such a value (non zero) is available, then the two objects used for the //beak align// functionality need not have a common coincident vertex. 
 +Instead, it would intelligently move object "b" in such a way that its first helper is coincident with the first helper of object "a" and then it would further rotate it (just as in the //beak alignment//) so that b's current edge is coincident with a's first edge. And even more ... it would then shift "b" by the exact value you had specified in the command line.
 +This action is specifically useful when you need to leave the required left-over gap between two space to represent the wall between them.

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