Information Pane

This lists out various mathematical and other values that change as the architect moves about the site

Each line is given a number. There is a reason for it – you can refer to the value on that line in calculations; using a variable called x. For example; if you wanted to refer to the 3rd value; use x3 and so on

This particular pane is actually set due to a default ARDELA add-on that is loaded at the beginning. This add-on is called TAD.EXA and it is in the bin folder of your TAD installation.

There is a way to compile this add-on with customized set of results. We will explain that in due course of the time

There are some other capabilities that this particular pane has: You would see a checkbox named Dims. If you click that, then it will attempt to note down the lines that are intersecting the edge where the helpers are currently on. So you can intelligently create a ruler or a measurement guide by conveniently letting an edge with the current helpers cut across a set of lines in the model. The list will magically turn into a set of numbers explaining the values from the first intersection to the last… the term first intersection means the one that is closest to the first helpers

This pane also contains a convenient way to move the helpers around the same object: Those two tiny left-arrow and right-arrow buttons are for that. So you need not use the F3/F4 key (Some people like the mouse!)

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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