How to get support (and also give support!)

There are several websites that have been setup for TAD. The following list should help you decide where you have to go, in order to get support.

  • The fastest way to get support is to simply chat with the main developer (Sabu Francis) and other users/supporters of TAD. You haven't registered into the chat system yet? Get one fast. It is free: The chat system runs off a dedicated server and it uses the powerful Mattermost chatting system. You can read how to use chat here
  • This site that you are reading now would be the place to obtain all the help with the working of the main design software component in TAD; namely TAD Designer/Lite Even the context sensitve help from within TAD Designer/Lite would come here.
  • The main project site is That is the entry point into this project. It contains historical information, the why of the project and overall emotional appeal too :-)
  • Versions 7.x onwards of TAD would be open source and that is being managed from another site (Don't go there as yet)
  • There are some theories and some very old information of TAD here The contents therein would be moved (and edited too) into the site you are reading now
  • From version 7.x onward stores data in a private cloud server. That is being managed from (It is under construction and may not be working)
  • In order to freely distribute data (something like Time Saver Standards) we are using another website (It is also under construction and may not be working)
  • If you absolutely want personal support and/or want to help out in some more deeper manner (such as contributing money) then please send an email to and Sabu Francis would let you know how to contact him on phone/skype/whatsapp

By the way, much of the above is cooperatively developed, so you can also pitch in!

Please feel free to write documentation, contribute sample TAD files, write ARDELA probes (addons) and so on. Of course, you can also donate money for this project.

Not just that. This is NOT a one-way street. There is a business model here and there are surely ways to make money using TAD for everyone using it. Here is a personal appeal from Sabu Francis regarding Money Matters

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself