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-====== Helper Orientation Indicator ======+===== Helper Orientation Indicator ==== 
 +In some situations; you may find that you cannot see the [[helpers]] visible on the portion of the [[site]] that you are examining. Yet, the helpers are //always// present on some object or the other; even if they are not visible to you 
 +In such situations; sometimes it is useful to know what is the //​orientation//​ of these helpers. A small visual indicator at the bottom of the information tab helps you determine this. It shows a //​metaphorical line segment// with the first helper located on one corner -- the rest of the line segment indicates in which direction is the second helper. Though the second helper itself is not shown, you will get a good idea of the edge where these two helpers are located

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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