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 +===== Edge Editing Commands Bar =====
 +{{:​e1.jpg?​200|}} - Click here to stretch the current edge of the object. In case of a selection, then the '​current edges' of all the objects would get stretched
 +{{:​e2.jpg?​200|}} - Click here to extrude the current edge of the object/​selection. The edge is extruded in a direction perpendicular to the current edge, and two new corners are created.
 +{{:​ed3.jpg?​200|}} - Click here to get a list of edge types to choose from. All curves in TAD are done using these tools
 +{{:​ed4.jpg?​200|}} - These are the different type of edges available. Click on the edge you want.
 +{{:​e5.jpg?​200|}} - Select the in or out option to determine the direction in which the curve has to be generated - inwards or outwards. This works only on certain curve commands.

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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