Migrating to Discord

As we have announced earlier, the mattermost based chat community will be switched off on October 31, 2020. Instead, you need to get a membership at the public, free Discord teamTAD community. Use this link: https://tiny.cc/ttad

Before you switch, make sure that you have save ALL your own TAD files using save as ascii This is super important because the normal TAD files are stamped by a DRM (Digital Rights System) that internally uses the registration you had obtained. Since you had an earlier teamTAD registration at Mattermost, that one will NOT be suitable at the new Discord teamTAD community. The reason is that at Mattermost, your email address was used. But Discord based registration uses your own username you had set there. It is quite likely you will NOT be using your email address as your username at Discord.

Once you obtain your new Discord based teamTAD community registration; your new TAD files will now be stamped with your Discord username, and NOT the email address you had used at Mattermost. That means, your earlier TAD files will NOT open, unless you had saved them in the Ascii format. If you get stuck, please email us at sabu@teamtad.com describing your issues

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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