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-Project ID+===Project ID=== 
 +Each installation of TAD has its own office //stamp// so to speak. That stamp is stamped on every TAD file made by that office.  This is a kind of DRM (Digital Rights Managmeent) for your files. It ensures that the data that you create cannot be used by anyone else; other than offices with the same stamp 
 +But what to do if you want to work with another office which has its own separate office stamp? That is where you would use the //ProjectID// feature. We'll describe a way where a special Project ID file has to be created and placed in the same folder which has the files for that project.   
 +This ProjectID file would then be passed on to the other office, and they too would need to place the same file in their folder.  
 +Now, both the offices can now work on the same file! 

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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