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 +====Corner Indices====
 +Every shape that is created in TAD; has a set of corners. For e.g. a square shape would have 4 corners. (//​Vertices//​ if you want to use a mathematical terminology)
 +In some cases, you may want to refer to the correct corner of a shape -- for doing some calculation programmatically via ARDELA ,for example. ​ You can retrieve these indices if you want.  ​
 +Go to the main program Settings of TAD; and switch on "Show current object name" ​ checkbox. ​ The name of the current object would be shown next to the current position of the first helper; along with the index no of that corner. When you shift the helpers to another location; the index number of that corner would now be shown. You can note those down, in order to make a more nuanced ARDELA script and other uses.
 +//The use of corner indices ​ is reserved for a future extension of TAD//

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