The background theories behind TAD

The principle architect running an architectural firm has many things to do. In between meetings, site visits etc there is very little time left for actual design. He or she may sketch something on a tracing and pass it on to the juniors to refine on a drafting software. Many times due to some missing information on the sketch, the design intent is lost during refinement.

The Architect's Desktop (TAD) is an early stage design tool designed to assist architects during the hazy stages of design.

Designing in TAD Designer Lite would consist of creating objects on the site, manipulating and reshaping them and enriching their properties as the project progresses. No information needs to be repeated. Any information given will be used in multiple ways.

In TAD Designer Lite main designing is carried out at site. The screen indicates a part of the project site and not a drawing board.

TAD Designer Lite is a 3D solid modeller but it does not have a complex set of commands to do 3D modelling.

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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