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 +===Select as per code===
 +When you select some objects using the mouse, and if the yellow command line was kept visible during the selection, then the text you write inside the command line would be used to further filter the selection set
 +Say you had given the ARDELA property //has(@,"granite").// to a set of objets (which may be to reflect the fact that the particular objects has granite finish) In such a case, if you typed the word //granite// in the command-line would make sure only those objects which has granite in the selection set actually is selected
 +What if you wanted the opposite? -- select only those objects that don't have //granite//? In such a case, put the tilde sign before the word thus //~granite//
 +What if you had multiple conditions? In which case you should write it out as a PROLOG list like this into the command line. Don't forget the syntax. The square brackets, commas, and quotation marks are all important
 + The above would select those objects which have granite, but not the ones that have marble

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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