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 +F9 – Snap to first helper [Place architect exactly on first helper]
 +Shift+F9 - Snap to second helper [Place architect exactly on second helper]
 +Ctrl+F – Snap to perpendicular foot [Snap to foot of perpendicular dropped on segment formed by helpers]
 +Ctrl+J – Snap to corner or intersection [Snap to corner of any obj OR to intersect between 2 edges (one of which has the helpers)]
 +F4 – Shift helpers to previous edge
 +F3 – Shift helpers to next edge
 +F10 - Show command line
 +F6 – Add a corner [Add a corner between first and second helper]
 +F5 – Shift corner to architect [Shift corner of first helper to position of architect]
 +Ctrl+Bksp – Delete corner [Delete corner indicated by first helper]
 +Shift+F5 – Stretch current side(s) [Stretch curr side of selected obj(s) to that of arch (Won’t work for collinear sides)]
 +Shift+F6 – Extrude current side(s) [Extrude side of curr obj(s), creating two more edges orthogonally at each corner]
 +F8 – Move object(s) [Move selected object(s) to the location of architect]
 +F7 – Rotate object(s) [Rotate current object(s)]
 +Del – Delete selected objects [Current object won’t be deleted]
 +Ctrl+Alt+Q - Change/​assign parametrics
 +Ctrl+F1 – Zoom Dn [Zoom into a rectangular area]
 +Ctrl+F2 – Zoom Up [Zoom so that site is seen in rectangular area]
 +Ctrl+F3 – Pan [Point to that location that will become the next center of the screen]
 +Ctrl+L – Last view [Go back to last view]
 +Alt+Z –  Zoom all [Zoom so that all visible objects are seen within the screen]
 +Ctrl+M – Selection mode [Click here to make mouse select objects]
 +Shift+Alt+D – Set 3D options [Set 3D viewing options]
 +Alt+D – View in 3D [Do a quick walkthrough]
 +Shift+Ctrl+A – View all [View all objects]
 +Shift+Ctrl+K – View class [View objects of current class (state of other objects untouched)]
 +Ctrl+Alt+K – View curr class [View objects of only current class (hiding the rest)]
 +Shift+Alt+K – View class + kids [View objects of this class and it’s descendants (hiding the rest)]
 +Alt+H – Hide class [Hide all objects of this class]
 +Alt+S – Hide selection [Hide currently selected objects (excepting current object)]
 +Ctrl+P – Select previous set [Select the previous set of objects]
 +Ctrl+A – Select all [Put all visible objects into selection set]
 +Ctrl+K – Select class [Select all objects of this class]
 +Ctrl+O – Select none [Click here for ensuring no objects are selected]
 +Alt+U – Suspend selection [If checked, selections are temporarily suspended & actions are on curr. object only]
 +Ctrl+C – Calculator
 +Ctrl+T – Tip of the day
 +F1 – Help contents
 +Alt+F1 – Help on Ardela app
 +Alt+A – About
 +Shift+Alt+G – Pin objects from one ground plane to another

Press F1 inside the application to read context-sensitive help directly in the application itself
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